Attentive, Listens, Aware of whole body

I saw Dr. Tanya for an upper back issue and she was very interested and listened to me regarding my my back problem as well as other parts of my life including work and home. She really did care about the “full picture” by looking at these aspects of my life.  Turns out my stress was being carried on my shoulders (literally!) and upper back.  She not only could relieve the tension and pain in my shoulders but she found a few other out-of-place spots and today I’m standing much taller!  I was happy to visit Dr. Tanya and would send anyone her way.  You can certainly tell she has a strong dedication to her patients and her career and truly cares about helping people and their health. A+


Taught me a lot

Not only did you “turn my power on” you taught me how to strengthen my back, exercises and stretches to do, as well as diet changes that will help me feel better! You taught me a lot in a short time! Thanks for your help, I will be seeing you again.


Great Care

I came into the Grand Rapids Chiropractic clinic with low back pain and numbness in my left leg.

After the treatment I felt great and after a few more times of seeing Dr. Tanya C. my back pain is all but gone and my leg is feeling much better!

Keep up the GREAT work!

You make me feel young again!

An adjustment is Just like having my car serviced,…It runs better and is more effecient, however both your car and body need to be serviced from time to time to run the best they can!


Wayne L.